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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

This year our classes are named after famous people in the arts, so the Year 5 classes are called:

Banksy and Glennie

Banksy: we are taught by Miss Atkin and Miss Hogg

Glennie: we are taught by Miss Byrne and Mr Sharp

ALL children need to have a pair of indoor footwear for use around school - these could be pumps, slippers or another pair of shoes or trainers.

PE: Monday and Wednesday (Banksy)

      Tuesday and Wednesday (Glennie)

Please ensure your child has their P.E on these days, including suitable footwear for PE outside, trousers or shorts, the plain red t-shirt that is our PE uniform and a tracksuit top for cooler days as PE is often done outside.


Learning log homework, spellings and times tables will be given out every Friday and need to be returned no later than the following Wednesday.

All children are expected to complete their homework - the spellings and times tables will be tested in school.

Children are also expected to read their home reading book at least three times every week - more often is better and aids faster learning and progress.


This half term our Science topic is light: identify main parts of human circulatory system & describe functions of heart, blood vessels & blood; recognise impact of diet, exercise, drugs & lifestyle on way bodies function; how nutrients & water are transported round body.

In Geography, we are looking at OS map skills. We will be using atlases, globes, compasses & IT and learning how to read 6 figure grid references, symbols and keys in map work.

In History, we will be conducting a local study linked to World War 2.

We are lucky enough to have external tuition in music. Children are being taught how to play the chimes and ukuleles, alongside music technology lessons.

RE this term focuses on how growing up brings responsibilities and commitments.

Our PE lessons are focusing on field athletics and cricket.

Here is the school link to show you the Year 5 Yearly Plan:



Key Instant Recall Maths Facts - Year 5:

Half termly send out maths kirfs-updated-20142