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Year 4

Welcome to Year Four!

This year, our classes are named after inspirational black figures.

Berry Gordy class are taught by Miss Byrne and Miss Woods.

In the late 1950s, many black people enjoyed rhythm and blues music, but t didn’t make them much money and was often performed in shabby venues. Berry Gordy changed that. He had a vision of taking black-inspired music out of the slums and giving it broad, national appeal as a respectable art form.

In 1959, Gordy borrowed $800 from his family and risked it to start Motown Record Corporation. Motown proved that a black-owned entertainment company could rise to the top of the tree, stay there, prove itself superior to its rivals and thrive.

"Berry Gordy set out to make music for all people, whatever their colour or place of origin." In doing so, Gordy made black music part of the mainstream popular culture across the world.

What an achievement!

Albert Johanneson class are taught by Mr Hirsch and Mrs Abid




Year 4 : Things to Know

Times Table Test

In year 4, we have a new Times table test due in June. Here is a page that fully explains what it will be and look like and contain:

To prepare our children for this, we have been using Times Table Rockstars. This is not just something that they can use at school, they can also use this at home on PC's, Laptops, tablets and even smart phones. 

Indoor Shoes and Water

All children need a pair of indoor shoes or pumps to wear inside and a water bottle.



It is vitally important that your child reads at home as well as at school.

The expectations are that your child reads AT LEAST 4 times a week at home. Reading books can be handed in on any day to be changed, but they MUST be handed in on a MONDAY, along with their reading records. These books need to have been signed by an adult each time your child has read.


This is an extremely important part of your child’s learning. Homework is given out every Friday and MUST be returned to school NO LATER than the following WEDNESDAY.

The homework will be a Learning Log task based on the termly topic, as well as a piece of work for both Maths and Literacy.

Along with their homework every Friday, children will also be given a list of spellings to learn and a times table sheet to help them practise.

Spellings and times tables will be tested the following WEDNESDAY.

PE and Swimming Kit

Please make sure your child has the appropriate PE kit. This includes plain jogging bottoms or shorts, a plain t-shirt or long sleeved top and trainers or pumps. Remember that P.E lessons are done both indoors and outdoors, therefore suitable outdoor trainers will be required. 

For swimming, children need an appropriate swimming costume, towel and goggles (if necessary). Please do not bring shampoo.

*Currently, there is no swimming due to Corona virus restrictions.*

Some helpful documents to support learning in Year 4

This is our Long Term Plan for the year ahead. If you have any questions regarding our learning, please talk to the class teachers.

Below are the Maths guidance for ways of calculating in year 4.

In Maths, we cover many different areas and return to them regularly to consolidate and move the children's learning onto the next level. The link below shows a summary of the main areas of Maths to be covered in each block throughout year 4.

Year 4 Mathematics Termly Overview

This Autumn term we will be covering unit 1 of Block A,B,C,D and E. The following links show the specific objectives for each block.

Year 4 Mathematics Planning Block A Objectives

Year 4 Mathematics Planning Block B Objectives

Year 4 Mathematics Planning Block C Objectives

Year 4 Mathematics Planning Block D Objectives

Year 4 Mathematics Planning Block E Objectives

Please see the following links for help with our calculation policy for each of the four calculations: addition, subtraction, multiplication and subtraction.

Addition Y4 Blenheim

Subtraction Y4 Blenheim

Multiplication Y4 Blenheim

Division Y4 Blenheim