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Returning to School- Monday March 8th 2021 

I am sure, just like the staff at Blenheim, you are all looking forward to getting back to school again after this second lockdown. It has felt like a very long time- especially as we had to endure such bad weather at the beginning. But now we can see the Spring weather is beginning to show itself and there seems to be more hope of positive change in the near future.

For now, we will be so glad to get back to a 'new normal'  at Blenheim and I am sure we will appreciate the joy of learning and playing again with our friends. We will continue to adhere to the government guidance on social distancing and infection prevention, by remaining in our class bubbles and using hygiene measures such as regular handwashing. 

It has been a very unsettling and strange time for every person in the world. It is normal for us all to perhaps feel a bit nervous on returning to school again after a long time at home. Remember that all the staff at Blenheim are here to listen to you and support you, and we will be doing lots of activities to help you settle back to school.

Your teachers will be sending you some materials to help you prepare for returning to school. You might want to reflect on your time at home, and think about things that you enjoyed and the things you did not like about lockdown.

Below are some more sheets that you and your family may find useful. We all look forward to seeing you all back at school on Monday!!!










Coronavirus Covid 19 Support

News about the Coronavirus is all around us and we hear new things about it every day. Children of all ages can feel very worried or frightened so

it is very important that we keep talking to them about it. We have gathered some materials which may help you and your family talk things 

through in a child-friendly and positive way. 




 Here is a link to a website with a Coronavirus story in a a range of different languages:



Materials to support discussions:









Resources to support children with SEN :



Home Learning



Changes in routine, especially when we have to stay away from school and our friends, can be very unsettling for children. These articles explore this and offer some tips in managing our time together at home.












 It can be challenging to keep active whilst at home, but exercise can really help our mental health and well-being, as well as boosting our immune

systems. As you know, children have lots of natural energy so why not try these fun activities...?





Mindfulness and relaxation sessions will also help you and your family to manage anxiety during these difficult times.




 Additional Resources

Why not enjoy a virtual tour of an art gallery and enjoy viewing wonderful works of art from the comfort of your sofa! Follow the link below:

Activities for babies and toddlers



 Self-care activities:






















Children's Guide to Coronavirus:


 Support for Parents

Bereavement Support: