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Swimming Data

What is the current position?

  • Currently 80% of children can confidently and proficiently swim at least 25 metres (this is 30% higher than the national average according to Swim England).
  • The same percentage can use a range of strokes effectively.
  • Although children have been taught to perform safe self-rescue during swimming lessons only 20% feel confident to say that they could do this.

What further action is needed to improve these figures?

  • Planned ‘Catch up’ swimming lessons for the 20% who cannot yet swim 25 metres.
  • Class based activities based on the following:

Know the dangers on and under water

Effect(s) of cold water (for example - cold water shock)

Beach safety (lifeguard, flags, rip currents, waves etc.)

Shout and signal rescue

Throw rescue

Reach rescue