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Fun with teachers at home! 

An important Message from staff at home - please watch


Leeds Rhinos Challenge 

Are you missing your Leeds Rhinos PE lessons? Well you're in luck!

As you can see below, we have all been trying to keep fit and healthy whilst at home and Leeds Rhinos have created a series of challenges to help you do the same.

Don't forget to get a picture or video of you trying them out and share them with your teachers on SeeSaw!

KS1 Challenge 1 - 

KS2 Challenge 2 - 

Stop Go!

Mrs Bottrell has been busy using her creative powers. After downloading a stop motion app, she has made her own film and has challenged you all to make one too! Post them on your year group seesaw page and we show the best ones on here!m

Storytime with Mrs Baum

I am sure you are missing those friendly faces in our school office. Here is Mrs Baum with a story for the children in Key stage 1. 



Lending a hand...

Mr Sharp and his fiancée haven't let the new rules stop them from enjoying some sunshine and cleaning their car! Maybe you could help your parents with some jobs like this - let us know if you do!



Keeping fit and healthy...

Look who started their day in a healthy way...

Join in with Joe Wicks online at 9am, Monday to Friday, for 'PE with Joe'. You can find this on Joe's youtube channel, Bodycoach TV.


Miss Guerney has been doing yoga to relax her body and mind...


Miss Guerney's brother, Michael Collins, is a professional football player; he is currently in the U23s squad at Sunderland and has previously played for Everton.

He has kindly recorded some demos for you, so you can stay active and work on your footie skills with these drills.




 Pets at Home

 Some of the teachers are struggling to get any work done, because their lovely pets want in on the action! 

Mrs Charlesworth Russell's dog, Lexi Lou, stares at her all day because nobody is playing with her...but then she is happy when she finally gets a walk. 


Mrs Marshall has been out on a daily walk with her dog and she has discovered a new hobby - trainspotting! 



Miss Pickersgill's dogs, Tyke and Bella, are enjoying this sun. She is trying to train Tyke to smile for a selfie, but he is not quite there yet!


Miss Emmerson's dog, Joan Collins, loves keeping her company while she reads. Today they have been enjoying The Boy at the Back of the Class, by Onjali Rauf. 

Miss Atkin's dog, Rosie, keeps nudging her to get some attention while she is trying to work. It is hard to resist those gorgeous sad eyes...


Here is Luna enjoying walks and cuddles with Mrs Newman, Ozzy is enjoying some fresh air with Miss Westmoreland and Betsy having cuddles with Mrs Carter. So cute! 



But it's not just dogs at home with the teachers! 

Here is Mrs Bottrell and her girls, Ellie and Berry, with their guinea pigs called Tumble and Ketchup. 



Mrs Dunn had fun in her house making banana muffins, using their maths skills to read scales and measure out the ingredients. Make sure an adult is supervising if you are using a knife or cooking in an oven or on a hob. Post your pictures on your class seesaw page for everyone to see!



Mrs Dunn has inspired me to get my bake on, but with a lack of ingredients and the new rules to stay inside I had to get creative! I'm making a starter dough that will help me make some sourdough bread; it's a long process but hopefully I'll be left with a lovely loaf at the end of it! See step 1 below:

Let us know if you get up to any baking and if you find out any good uses for microorganisms on SeeSaw!

Miss Early didn't let the empty supermarket shelves stop her from enjoying naan bread with her curry! She found this recipe online and made some herself! Now that's what we call being resourceful!     


Miss Early's not the only one... Mrs Bottrell enlisted the help of her daughter, Berry, to make some chapattis! The shops only having chapatti flour turned out to be a good thing after all!

Lucky Mrs Boughton had all the ingredients to try out a Paul Hollywood bread recipe and what an amazing job she did! We think she could give Warburtons and Hovis a run for their money!


Miss Early has been busy with this Banana loaf recipe. Why don't you try it at home?

Miss Guerney says she misses baking chocolate brownies for the staffroom, so is having to eat them all herself. Yum! 


 Mrs Hussain has been making chappatis to go with her curry. Clearly the staff are loving having time to get into the kitchen and enjoy some baking and cooking. 





Keepie-uppie Challenge!

Mr C and Mrs Lynch here with the Keepie-uppie Challenge! Submit your videos on SeeSaw for the chance to win a brand new football! Everyone who manages to record themselves completing the challenge will have their name put in a hat for this prize draw - good luck!

Mrs Dunn is still practising but her son, Fin, has smashed it! She's not one to give up on a challenge though, so watch this space...

Wow, Miss O'Reilly has amazed us all with her toilet roll football skills! Unbelievable!


TikTok Dance Challenge...

 Mrs Sharif and Seren have been practising their TikTok dancing! Who's up for the challenge?


...and Blenheim's Music Corner 

Whether you are just starting out and learning a new instrument or you've been playing for a while and have a new piece to master, now is the time to get practising.

Mrs O' Garo has mastered her first piece on the piano. Look at that amazing focus! Maybe she can inspire you to start learning an instrument. 

Who knew Miss Howson could play the clarinet? See if you can guess what she is playing, especially for the choir!


Finally, Mrs Dunn has been missing everyone in the choir and has learnt this piece to keep her going until we can sing together together again! (Hopefully it won't be a thousand years!)