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After School Club in the Bungalow

Updated Information


As you all now will be aware, we have increased security to match the schooling hours. 

To enable us to keep our children and premises protected, we have installed an additional gate buzzer especially for the bungalow ‘After School Club’.  This is situated to the right of the pedestrian gate, marked with ‘After School Club’.

We have equipment to view you at the gate and speak to you, once you have pressed the correct buzzer. We will then release the gate, please push it quite firmly as it is very heavy

Now the weather is improving, we will be taking the children outside where it is more difficult for us to see you arrive at the exit.  To prevent any delay when you exit, please try the gate to see if it still unlocked and if it is locked, reach through the bars and press the same buzzer as on your arrival.


Emergency Number

If for any reason you have been held up and will not be able to collect on time (before 5.15pm) please call our emergency number: 07597 432635. Please enter this dedicated ‘After School Club’ number into your contacts.   



We have a range of snacks which are varied throughout the week.  These include toast, noodles, pasta, tomato sauce, cheese, fresh fruit and milk.  Water is available throughout. Staff are aware of any allergies you have reported to the school.

As we are providing a snack only, your child will also need an evening meal when they get home.