Blenheim Primary School

"Aiming high in the heart of the city"

Meet The Staff

We would like you to meet some of our staff.

 Mrs Mo Duffy                                       Headteacher 
 Mr M DawsonDeputy Headteacher
 Mrs R Lewis-SherifAssistant Head & Year 4 Teacher
 Mr B RobertsAssistant Head & Year 2 Teacher
 Mrs S Charlesworth-RussellFoundations Stage Leader & Foundation Stage 2 Teacher
 Mrs A ThomFoundation Stage 1 Teacher
 Mrs A WrightFoundation Stage 1 Teacher 
 Mrs S BoughtonFoundation Stage 2 Teacher
 Miss S CameronYear 1 Teacher 
 Miss A CarterYear 1 Teacher
 Miss E GrundellYear 2 Teacher 
 Miss C AtkinYear 3 Teacher
 Miss S EmmersonYear 3 Teacher 
 Miss S ChildsYear 4 Teacher 
 Mr P HillardYear 5 Teacher 
 Mrs Z SimpkinYear 5 Teacher 
 Mrs S DunnYear 6 Teacher 
 Miss K O'ReillyYear 6 Teacher 
 Mr J InceYear 5/6 Sets Teacher 
 Miss K ByrneYear 5/6 Sets Teacher 
 Mrs M WallaceHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs K AllenHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs C MarshallHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mrs M ShakilHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Mr B O'ConnellHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Miss A RamzanHigher Level Teaching Assistant
 Ms W Selby Higher Level Teaching Assistant for EAL
 Miss R MeliaClassroom Support Worker - Nursery
 Miss M RobertsClassroom Support Worker - Nursery
 Mr Z McIntoshClassroom Support Worker - Nursery
 Mrs A NewmanClassroom Support Worker - Reception
 Miss G MilnesClassroom Support Worker - Reception
 Ms S BrownClassroom Support Worker - Reception
 Mrs B McAndrewClassroom Support Worker - Reception
 Mr D FrostClassroom Support Worker - Year 1/Rhinos
 Mr W LatifClassroom Support Worker - Year 1/Rhinos
 Miss C CampbellClassroom Support Worker - Year 1/Polar Bears
 Miss B BrookesClassroom Support Worker - Year 2/Whale Sharks 
 Miss T Westmoreland-OramClassroom Support Worker - Year 2/Whale Sharks
 Miss M RahoofClassroom Support Worker - Year 2/Piranhas
 Mrs P KingClassroom Support Worker - Year 2/Piranhas
 Mr Z McIntoshClassroom Support Worker - Year 2/Piranhas
 Miss E PickersgillClassroom Support Worker - Year 3/Cheetahs 
 Miss K HowsonClassroom Support Worker - Year  3/Coyotes
 Miss K RotheryClassroom Support Worker - Year 4/Owls 
 Mrs J MilneClassroom Support Worker - Year 4/Tigers 
 Miss S JaitehClassroom Support Worker - Year 4/Tigers 
 Mr R SharpClassroom Support Worker - Year 5/Peacocks 
 Miss V HoggClassroom Support Worker - Year 5/Snow Leopards
 Mr G CurlettClassroom Support Worker - Year 6/Jaguars 
 Ms A CampbellClassroom Support Worker - Year 6/Pandas 
 Miss L BottrellClassroom Support Worker 
 Miss C RobinsonClassroom Support Worker 
 Miss L BrownClassroom Support Worker for EAL
 Mrs J KirkFamily Mentor
 Miss J DouglasFamily Mentor 
 Mrs D DaveyBusiness Manager 
 Mrs J RoweAdministrator  
 Mrs B SmithAdministrator
 Miss S MortimerAdministrator 
 Mr M AllenSuperintendent  
 Mr D BensonFacilities Assistant