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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


The names of our classes this year are named after animals from around the world. In Year 2, we are:

Piranha Class

piranha is a freshwater fish that inhabits South American rivers, floodplains, lakes and reservoirs. Many people think that piranhas only eat other fish but their diet is actually extremely varied and they will also eat plant material. They are omnivorous animals. Piranhas are known for their extremely sharp teeth.

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Whale Shark Class

Whale sharks are the largest sharks in the ocean. Unlike other sharks they are completely harmless to humans as their choice of food is always plankton. Whale sharks can reach up to 40 feet in length. Usually whale sharks prefer to swim alone but at times, if there is a huge shoal of fish then they will gather together to eat. Whale sharks have very sensitive skin and if you touch it or pull it then it can break easily. 

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Our curriculum

Autumn 1

This half term we are learning about the topic of: Australia

Autumn 2

This half term our topic is all about dragons!

Spring 1 :

This term our topic will be: The Titanic. 

Summer 1:

 This term our topic will be: Super Heroes

Summer 2: 

This term our topic will be: Glorious Great Britain 

 Annual Overview

In maths we cover many different areas and return to them to take the learning on to a higher level:

Year 2 Mathematics Termly Overview.docx

Year 2 Mathematics Planning Block A Objectives.docx

Year 2 Mathematics Planning Block B Objectives.docx

Year 2 Mathematics Planning Block C Objectives.docx

Year 2 Mathematics Planning Block D Objectives.docx

Year 2 Mathematics Planning Block E Objectives.docx



Can we remind you that homework is a really important part of your child's learning.  It reinforces and extends what we are learning about in school.  It also allows them the chance to share with you and learn from you.  Children who don't complete their homework at home with an adult miss out on a significant experience and that does have long term impact on their educational progress. 

In Year 2 we set homework every Friday to be handed in by the next Wednesday.  This varies as to subject and is sometimes a Learning Log task and other times a sheet of work. 

Additionally, it is vitally important that your child:

  • practises reading AT LEAST three times every week - best of all is every day, for about 15 minutes.
  • learns their spellings set by their class teacher on a weekly basis.
  • practises the times table that they are currently on (the first three to be covered are x2, x5 and then x10 and all children should be able to work confidently with these by Christmas)



PE is on a Tuesday/Thursday for Whale Shark Class and a Wednesday/Thursday for Piranha class. Please make sure your child has their PE kit with them. This includes plain jogging bottoms or shorts, a plain t-shirt or long sleeved top and trainers or pumps.  Many of the PE lessons will be outside and it will be difficult for your child to be warm and comfortable and also move about safely without the proper PE kit.

Other things you need:

Indoor shoes are more important than ever in this wet weather - the children wear the shoes they come to school in when outside and their indoor footwear (pumps, slippers, other shoes or something else!) when around school.  This protects carpets and gives their feet a chance to dry if their shoes are wet.

A water bottle - having a drink when thirsty is vital for health and learning, whatever the time of year.



Please remember that we are a HEALTHY SCHOOL and therefore children should not be brining in unhealthy snacks such as chocolate, cake or sweets even for birthday treats. Only healthy treats thank you (without nuts).

Here are the maths guidance for ways of calculating in maths in Year 2:

Addition Y2 Blenheim.doc

Subtraction Y2 Blenheim.doc

Multiplication Y2 Blenheim.doc

Division Y2 Blenheim.doc


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