Blenheim Primary School

"Aiming high in the heart of the city"

Year 1


Welcome to Year 1


This year the classes are named after animals. 

These were chosen by the children at the end of last



Rhino class are taught by Mrs Jethwa.


Mr Frost is the teaching assistant.


Mr Latif is the support




Polar Bear class are

taught by Mrs Carter.


Miss Campbell is the

teaching assistant.







                                                     Our Learning this Year


We will be learning about lots of exciting things this year.

The weekly timetable for Rhino class is here.

The weekly timetable for Polar Bear Class is here.



Autumn 1

 Our topic this half term is Me, myself and I. Our half termly newsletter,

which describes our learning, can be found here. 



How can you help us learn?


We make the most progress if we read every day. Ask us questions about our books, talk through the stories with us and let us tell you what we know. There might be some tricky words in the books. Help us to understand what they mean so that we can try to use them ourselves. If we can't read yet, let us listen to you telling us other stories. We love sharing books with you! Our teachers will change our books every time we bring them back to school, as long as you have signed our Reading Records. 


We learn the sounds that letters make. This can help us remember the  simple sounds

 of English. We can look at this video  if we get stuck on how to say the sounds.  



Our teachers give us homework to help us carry on the work we do in class. Sometimes, we have a challenge and we will need your help. Other times, we will be able to do the work ourselves and might only need you to check that we are on track. Our Learning Logs get sent home on Friday and we should bring them back by Wednesday. 


We are learning to spell tricky words. Help us by practising the ones we get stuck on. Here is the list of tricky words that we need to learn to read and spell by the end of Year 1. 



Other Notices:


Indoor Shoes

We ask all children to bring in a change of shoes to wear inside. This helps to keep the classroom tidy. It is especially important now that the weather is changing! The children have a labelled shoe space just for them. 


Our P.E. days:

Polar Bear Class: Monday and Thursday

Rhino Class: Monday and Friday

Please ensure that your child brings their P.E. kit in their bag. This can be left in school on their peg.

Our P.E. kit is: