Blenheim Primary School

"Aiming high in the heart of the city"

School Uniform

As a member of our school, students are required to wear school uniform. This consists of:

School day

  • Red Sweatshirt
  • Red cardigan
  • White collared Shirt
  • White Polo shirt
  • Grey or Black trousers –no jeans
  • Grey or Black skirt 
  • Black, flat shoes – no heels
  • Grey Pinafore dress

Physical education

  • Red t-shirt
  • Black shorts

Items available to buy in school

 Sweatshirt £9
 Cardigan £10.75
 Book bag £4
 P.E bag £3.75

Please note, you do not have to buy these items from school. You can find many of these items in most supermarkets and high street retailers. 


ALL children need to have a pair of indoor footwear for use around school - these could be pumps, slippers or another pair of shoes or trainers.